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Limited Edition Scary Godmother Fashion Doll

Limited Edition Scary Godmother Fashion Doll


The ambassador to all things that go bump on the night, The Scary Godmother is here to show you that things on the Fright Side of life aren’t as scary as they might seem.

For as long as there’s been a Halloween, there has been a Scary Godmother. She exists in the wind howling through the trees, in the soft glow of the Jack-o-lanterns, in the sweetness of the candy, and everything that makes the Autumn season magical.

Scary Godmother comes when you need her most. Ready with a comforting word or a recipe for a tasty treat, she’ll always be there to make the dark shadows just a little brighter.

This Limited Edition doll is fully articulated and possible; standing at 13 inches tall and comes with spiderweb display stand, Haunted House box, purse accessories and her ghost cat friend, The Boozle!

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